Our story

In December 2015 we were sitting in a coffee shop chatting about where the world is headed with mobile devices, artificial intelligence, intuitive software and financial data. We started imagining how our future lives have the potential to become so much simpler financially, than the complicated world we live in today, if the right pieces of the technology puzzle were put together in one solution.

As the discussion deepened and the endless possibilities were brainstormed, we formed the basis of a business idea that has turned into “Monefly” today, with a vision to create a personal financial solution that will help you;

  • Monitor, manage and continuously improve your financial ‘well-being’.
  • Build wealth and simplify financial goal setting and tracking.
  • Automate financial transaction monitoring.
  • Access automatic valuation estimates/updates on property, shares, super funds and vehicles.
  • Make better financial decisions by focusing on 5 key areas; growing income, reducing expenses, building assets, eliminating debt and protecting yourself.
  • See how you rank and compare to your peers in your suburb.
  • Interact more easily with your professional advisors.

Our dream is that Monefly will change the relationship consumers have with money, through the use of intuitive automated tools, live data and our knowledge centre content. Members can also choose to invite their professional advisors such as accountants, mortgage brokers and financial planners, to connect, share and get help to improve financial results.

What’s cool about Monefly is that it has been designed for everyday people from all walks of life and it’s completely FREE to use – no trial periods, no add on fees, no hidden data costs – When we say free, we mean free!

We expect data licensing to cost more than $1 million per year at Monefly if we grow quickly, so its thanks to our professional advisors who pay subscription fees and Monefly sponsors who generously support our mission, that we can keep it free for you – our members to use.

The investment in technology and security required to set up a platform like Monefly has been significant and on the same security level used by banks. We promise to be extremely diligent with the protection of any information you share with us, on every level. It’s important you always have control of what you share and with who and we will do our utmost to make sure we deliver on the trust you place in us.

This is just the beginning…

We released Monefly in July 2017 and its ready to use and enjoy and we also have a long list of additional enhancements we plan to add in the next 12 months. Most importantly we expect that 50% of what we do in the coming months with product innovation and development, will come from you, our members as a result of your feedback, likes and dislikes. We want to continue to build a platform our members love, so that means we can never finish, never stop listening and never stop innovating.

So welcome to Monefly, where our dream is to help you “make your money fly”



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