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Press Release: Monefly launches free Fintech platform with Envestnet | Yodlee financial data

Author Monefly | 25 Sep, 2017

Monefly is an innovative new Fintech platform in Australia, focused on providing tools and resources that empower its members to grow income, reduce expenses, build assets, eliminate debt and protect themselves from risk. Some of these exciting tools include free property valuations, automated budgeting, credit scores, bank account consolidation and much more. Monefly aims to make financial health and wealth easier to understand, manage and continuously improve, in collaboration with professional advisors. Monefly has partnered with Envestnet | Yodlee to [...]

Key Media first to offer Monefly Personal Membership to their clients

Author Monefly | 26 Jul, 2017

Monefly and Key Media have recently entered into a partnership that will enable both companies to leverage growth off their complimentary audiences. Monefly Managing Director, David Hows said “We are really excited to partner with Key Media and I have had experience of working with their team in a previous business for more than 5 years. Key Media have a loyal audience and are the market leader in the consumer and professional categories they are focused on. Their clients include [...]

Monefly launches after 593 days of development

Author Monefly | 26 Jul, 2017

Monefly has officially launched its website 593 days after the initial co-founders David Hows and Murray Lees drew up the idea on the back of a napkin, over breakfast in a cafe on 11 December 2015, literally the day after David Hows’s previous start-up ‘Real Estate Investar” listed on the ASX almost 10 years after he launched it in 2006. Murray Lees (founder of Australia’s largest mortgage aggregator ‘Connective) said “it was kind of crazy how this all happened, we [...]

Positive Real Estate signs partnership with Monefly.

Author Monefly | 15 Mar, 2017

Australian advisory firm Positive Real Estate has signed a long-term partnership agreement to provide Monefly’s Membership services to both their Property Investment Advisors and their property investment focused clients. Positive Real Estate Founder Jason Whitton said “One of the biggest challenges our clients face is getting all of their financial information into one place and then keeping it up to date. It can be a tedious task that can take hours to do. Without current financial information, helping clients set [...]

Monefly signs partnership agreement with Yodlee 

Author Monefly | 05 Feb, 2017

Monefly has signed an agreement with Yodlee that will enable Monefly help its members access data from more than 15,000 financial institutions globally. “Synchronising your financial data is one of the key backbones to Monefly’s news platform” CTO and Co-founder Justin Davey explains, “Our vision is to make it simple for our members to put all of the pieces of their financial jigsaw puzzle into a single location using Monefly and then help them understand and analyse it, so they [...]

Monefly released for Beta testing

Author Monefly | 01 Feb, 2017

Monefly has released its new website for Beta testing after 15 months of design development. The platform will provide benefits to consumers and professional advisors with a higher level of connection and collaboration. With Personal Members able to track their personal balance sheet in real time and see exactly how their investments, cash, debts and net worth are tracking, Monefly will open up a whole new world of financial intelligence for its members and make it easier to engage and [...]