Monefly Advisors – Marketing resources

Below you will find a list of helpful resources to make on-boarding your clients easier, so that you can personalise your communications and collaborate with your clients much sooner on Monefly.

Please understand that these documents have been created specifically for Monefly advisor’s only and are not to be shared outside of being used for communicating with your clients.


Email invites to your clients:

These emails will be automatically triggered when you invite your clients.


Brand Guidelines:

Please ensure you follow the Monefly branding guidelines when using any Monefly images, logos or copy.

Monefly branding guidelines - shortened advisor version


Email Copy:


Email Headers:

Monefly plain email header

Monefly plain email header

Introducing Monefly email header

Introducing monefly email header

Monefly email header

monefly email header

Get your finances back on track email header

monefly get your finances back on track email header

Make your money fly email header

Make your money fly email header


Monefly Logos:

Monefly original logo

monefly with white circle background

Monefly white logo


monefly-white logo-with slogan


Subject Lines:

Monefly subject lines for inviting your clients


Email body images:

Automatic net worth image:

Monefly automatic net worth image

Youtube video image:

Email youtube video image

Monefly app image:

Email Monefly app image

Property valuation image:

Email property valuation image

Your net worth calculated image:

Email networth image

Budgeting image:

Email budgeting image


Helpful links to Monefly webpages:


Alternatively, if you have something more specific in mind in terms of imagery, just reach out at: and we can create something to assist with your communications.

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