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5 Ways a minimalist life can help you save money

23 Apr, 2018

Minimalism has become more mainstream over the past few years, gaining popularity with people who want to simplify their lives and save time in the process. But have you thought about the impact a min [...]


monefly saving money refinancing

Think loyalty to your bank is saving you money? Refinancing could save you more

21 Jan, 2018

Your bank might give you the impression that you’re getting a good deal by sticking with them, but your loyalty could actually be costing you money. Customers who stay with their childhood bank, [...]


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Get your 2018 finances in order with these 5 financial resolutions

15 Jan, 2018

Whether you take New Year’s Resolutions seriously or see them as a bit of a joke, there’s nothing funny about feeling like your finances are out of control. Think about what you’d like to ach [...]


investment property tax deductions

Investment property tax: Claiming a tax deduction for borrowing expenses

05 Apr, 2017

Let's talk investment property tax. Or, more specifically, tax deductions. If you take out a loan to purchase a property to rent out as an investment, some of the expenses you incur in on the loan may [...]


trade support loans

Understanding the Trade Support Loans program

27 Mar, 2017

The Trade Support Loans (TSL) program started up in 2014 with the aim of encouraging more young people to commence a trade and complete their qualification. Australian apprentices who are eligible [...]


small business tax deductions

Small business tax deductions for home-based businesses

15 Mar, 2017

Many business owners, particularly in the early stages, will find great benefits in running their business from home. Flexibility, no travel time and extra small business tax deductions are just some [...]


capital losses to minimise tax

Realising capital losses to minimise tax on investments

10 Mar, 2017

It's no secret that you can reduce the amount of capital gains tax (CGT) due on any gains you make in a particular financial year by offsetting your profits with your losses on other investments. How [...]