monefly saving money refinancing

Think loyalty to your bank is saving you money? Refinancing could save you more

21 Jan, 2018

Your bank might give you the impression that you’re getting a good deal by sticking with them, but your loyalty could actually be costing you money. Customers who stay with their childhood bank, [...]


monefly 5 financial resolutions.jpg

Get your 2018 finances in order with these 5 financial resolutions

15 Jan, 2018

Whether you take New Year’s Resolutions seriously or see them as a bit of a joke, there’s nothing funny about feeling like your finances are out of control. Think about what you’d like to ach [...]


net medical expenses tax offset

Minimising tax with the net medical expenses tax offset

20 Feb, 2017

It's never fun being sick, and often the endless medical bills just make it worse. To offer some relief – financially at least – the net medical expenses tax offset is available in certain circums [...]


credit card myths

Tackling credit card myths: know your facts

19 Sep, 2016

With over 70% of Australians owning a credit card and upwards of 16.5 million in circulation, you'd think we'd understand everything about them. Unfortunately this is not the case, and the card compan [...]


applying for a credit card

How to choose the right deal when applying for a credit card

16 Sep, 2016

Are you thinking of applying for a credit card? Many experts would say that the right credit card for you is no credit card, since they offer one of the highest-interest forms of debt around and, unle [...]