buying your first investment property

The basics of buying your first investment property

23 May, 2018

Are you toying with the idea of buying your first investment property? It can be a great way to make money and prepare for a financially secure future, but only if you get it right. There is a lot to [...]


renovating funds monefly

Renovating your home? You’ll need some funds for that.

17 May, 2018

There are two main ways the value of your home or investment property will rise: You own it for long enough that it increases in value naturally You do something to improve the property and qu [...]


comfortable retirement australian

Comfortable retirement slipping out of reach for 80% of Australians

23 Jan, 2018

If you’re dreaming of a comfortable retirement (and who isn’t?) then you’ll probably need a lot more in savings than you realise. New research carried out by Griffith University on behalf of [...]


Gen Y budgeting savings

Turns out Gen Y smash their savings targets just as well as their avocado

18 Jan, 2018

Despite Gen Y facing greater financial stress and savings challenges than other generations, young Australians are showing a strong commitment to saving more. Supposedly flippant spending habits ha [...]


monefly 5 financial resolutions.jpg

Get your 2018 finances in order with these 5 financial resolutions

15 Jan, 2018

Whether you take New Year’s Resolutions seriously or see them as a bit of a joke, there’s nothing funny about feeling like your finances are out of control. Think about what you’d like to ach [...]


cryptocurrency everything you need to know

Curious about cryptocurrency? Our guide to the basics of Bitcoin and more

08 Jan, 2018

There has been a LOT of talk about cryptocurrency in the news recently. Bitcoin, the original and best-known cryptocurrency, made headlines in December 2017 when its value sky-rocketed to over AU$2 [...]


cash flow habits

5 Signs that you need to sort your cash flow habits

20 Aug, 2017

1. You're always paying bills late We're all guilty of occasionally receiving a bill, putting it in that important 'to do' pile, and then forgetting about it until we receive a reminder. But there's [...]


freelancing career

4 reasons to kick-start your freelancing career on Upwork

05 May, 2017

After two online work marketplace giants – oDesk and Elance – merged in 2015, they relaunched under the name Upwork to create an even larger platform for individuals who enjoy a freelancing caree [...]